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The Corellian Cell

It is a desperate time. The Empire grows in power and sentients throughout the Galaxy struggle under Imperial oppression. As Imperial forces wage their endless wars of conquest in the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions, money and resources are being drained from the Core Worlds. Non-human species are treated as slaves and crime is rife throughout the galaxy as corrupt governments look the other way. The Jedi, once a beacon of light in the Galaxy, are now extinct. It is a time of very little hope.

But a loose collection of individuals are choosing to resist the status quo. Pulling together whatever resources they can, the Alliance to Restore the Republic has been organising in the shadows.

You have chafed under the Imperials for too long. Whether you are idealistic and see the Empire as an evil to be fought, are a pragmatic trader who knows that free planets will offer better deals, or even if it is more personal for you and you desire revenge on the Empire, you have chosen to side with the Alliance. And they have obviously seen something in you, some spark of talent. They have invested valuable resources in training you, providing a cover story, and are committing to support you on your mission.

Now you are on a transport bound for one of the greatest systems in the Galaxy. Corellia. A place of legend, arguably as great as Coruscant itself. Home to one of the largest engineering companies in the Galaxy, and no less than five inhabited planets, the Corellia system will be your home for the foreseeable future. You can count on no allies other than the few travelling with you and those you can either turn or befriend yourself. Survival will require a quick mind, careful planning and nerves of durasteel.

Do you have what it takes to liberate the system from Imperial oppression?

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