Corellian Security Service (CorSec)

The Corellian Security Force, commonly abbreviated CorSec, was the primary law enforcement agency on Corellia.

CorSec operated as the primary law enforcement agency for the planet Corellia. New recruits trained at the CorSec Academy, and it was headquartered at One CorSec Plaza.

Police officers could advance and attain the ranks of Master Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major. Officers could also advance to become CorSec Inspectors. CorSec was headed by a Director. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, it was common for the organization’s divisions to be observed by an Imperial Liaison Officer.

The Tactical Response Team was an elite paramilitary branch of CorSec, and it had its own Intelligence service. CorSec also had its own Smuggling Interdiction Division and Animal Control Division as well as a Special Operations Division. There was a false, but persistent, myth that all CorSec officers were given quotas of traffic tickets to hand out.

CorSec employed agents of many skills, including computer experts, technicians, commandos, security guards, diplomats and snipers. The agency was extremely efficient, and few criminals were able to operate for extended periods of time on Corellia before a CorSec agent would infiltrate the organization.

Undercover officers were allowed to participate in crimes against property, but could not aid in or even allow crimes against people. All undercover agents were told that they did not have to do anything they morally or philosophically objected to.

The most commonly known weapon used by CorSec were CDEF blaster pistols, CDEF rifles, CDEF carbines and blaster carbines.

Corellian Security Service (CorSec)

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