Corellian Sector

The Corellian sector was a group of star systems in the Core region. Twenty four systems made up the sector and the primary worlds of the sector, such as Corellia, Altawar, and Duro, were counted amongst the influential Core Worlds.


An ancient and advanced group of worlds, the Corellian sector was one of the earliest interstellar communities, developing it into one of the most industrialized sectors along with the Kuat sector and Humbarine sector. This industry and interconnectivity spawned many important trade clusters and powerful corporations. The sector was the hub of the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine. Corellia, the ostensible sector capital, was so predominant within the sector, that the terms “Corellian system” and “Corellian sector” were often used synonymously or erroneously. The other systems in the sector were referred to as the Outlier systems.

During the later years of the Galactic Republic, of which several planets in the sector were founding members, the Corellian sector was represented in the Galactic Senate by Com Fordox and later by Garm Bel Iblis, who despite his efforts to seal the sector, was unable to shield it from the bloodshed of the Clone Wars.

With the foundation of the Galactic Empire, the sector was forced under the hand of Coruscant once again, with Fliry Vorru as its Moff. Its shipyards were commandeered by the Imperial Starfleet, its economy interrupted by Palpatine’s wide military industrial complex and its young drafted into the military. During this time so many beings fled the sector to become smugglers, criminals, or Rebels that they almost became synonymous with the sector name.

Corellian Sector

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