Zekka Thyne

The brutal Black Sun kingpin on Corellia


Zekka Thyne spent the early stages of his life as little more than a youthful drifter before becoming recruited into The Skulls, an infamous swoop gang. Thyne proved himself as a capable and violent criminal who began building a particularly brutal reputation. Eventually, Thyne drifted into the Corellian system, where he started working for local loan sharks and again gained notoriety as a relentless and dangerous thug. He soon joined the Black Sun syndicate which, due to the rise of the Galactic Empire, had shed the loose sense of honor the organization once possessed.

Black Sun began utilizing more devastating tactics, such as using bombs in crowded cantinas to eliminate single targets. Thyne thrived in this environment; during his time in the syndicate, he was responsible for the murders of dozens of people, all of whom were rivals of Black Sun. This gave Thyne a reputation as a psychopath and a loose cannon, making him a wanted man by CorSec and resulting in several bounties being placed on his head. It also won him the favor of Prince Xizor, the leader of Black Sun, who began grooming him as the heir-apparent to the criminal empire, according to rumors among CorSec officials and Corellian criminals.

In 7 BBY, Fliry Vorru, then a Moff in charge of the Corellian sector, was sent to the prison world of Kessel after being framed by Xizor. With Vorru now powerless to stop him, Xizor was able to establish Thyne as his chief associate on Corellia, which served as a training ground for the rising criminal.

Zekka Thyne

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