Often referred to as “The Jewel of Corellia,” Coronet is a bustling urban metropolis located on the coast of the southernmost continent. It is a technologically advanced city with beautiful architecture, but its urban development pales in comparison to Coruscant.

In keeping with Corellia’s spacefaring heritage, the Coronet City Spaceport is second to none. Coronet is also home to the headquarters of CorSec and is heavily patrolled, although patrols are somewhat lighter in the Blue Sector, a rough section of town filled with cantinas, tattoo parlors, casinos, and fences, where offworlders tend to congregate.

The famous Treasure Ship Row is a large bazaar located just inside Blue Sector and is famous for offering just about anything a customer could desire, legal or otherwise. Underneath Coronet’s maze-like city streets lies a vast underground series of tunnels and caverns, where the Selonian population live and work. Snaking its way among the Selonian caverns is the subway system.

The Coronet Capitol Tower, situated at the end of Axial Park, was the main administrative headquarters for the government of the Corellian Sector, the system and the planet. On the lowest three floors of the West Wing the Coronet City Council is also housed.

The Corellian Space Museum is also located in the Axial Park district, and is filled with artefacts from the earliest history of space flight. The recently constructed Imperial Museum now rivals it for grandeur, and shows the planet’s citizens the story of how Senator Sheev Palpatine saved the Galaxy from the Seperatist threat, and is now re-conquering the Outer Rim for the glory of the Imperial citizens. The Corellian Stock Exchange is also located there.

The city also possessed a mag-lev train system to transport cargo throughout the streets.

It is known for its parks and many open spaces.

Axial Park; the central district in which the city’s major buildings and tourist areas are located.

Blue Sector; a less afluent area of the city, but most famous for Treasure Ship Row.

Corell Hills; near the spaceport, this area is filled with a mixture of low-rent apartments, hotels and warehouses. There is also an area of bars and brothels which, while lacking the reputation of Treasure Ship Row, still hold many opportunities for a crew on shore leave.

Justice Park; a residential district known locally for being slightly snobbish.

Labor Valley; originally the industrial heart of the city, when industry was moved off-planet this area became derelict and infested with dangerous sentients and creatures. Gradually the city has reclaimed the district, building new parks, residential areas and infrastructure. The bleeding edge of the reclaimed area is very popular with artists and students.


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