Astrographical information
Region(s): Core Worlds
Sector: Corellian sector
System: Corellian system
Suns: 1; Corell
Orbital position: 1
Moons: 3; (Gus Talon, Gus Treta & Gus Tranchon)
Grid coordinates: M-15
Trade routes: Corellian Run, Corellian Trade Spine
Rotation period: 25 standard hours
Orbital period: 329 standard days

Physical information
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 11,000 km
Max. Circumference: 35,000 km
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain;
Surface water

Corellia is the capital planet of the Corellian system, which includes Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. Collectively, the planets of the system are known as the Five Brothers. As the largest planet and the closest to Corell, Corellia is often called the “Eldest Brother” or the “Eldest.” Historians believe the Celestials assembled the system artificially, the worlds brought from other parts of the galaxy for unknown reasons. Some believe that these Celestials populated Corellia with Humans from Coruscant.

The planet has three large continents, with the planets capital city, Coronet, situated on the southernmost and primary continent, near the eastern ocean. Outside of such cities, the landscape hosts small towns and farms. Corellia is an exporter of alcohol, starships, and agricultural goods, and imports luxury items, raw materials, and weapons. Its starship construction facilities have been moved into space, leaving its surface largely rural. The shipyards of the Corellian Engineering Corporation are located in orbit around Corellia, and facilities fitted with warship docks are on the planet.

In the past Corellia was so heavily industrialised that the planet faced an environmental catastrophe. In response the people of Corellia moved all industrial capacity into orbit. This turned out to be a very good move, as the planet was able to recover and the industries were able to make huge cost savings as they adapted to the zero-g conditions.


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